Dr Andrew Salway - personal pages

Research Fellow, Sussex Humanities Lab, University of Sussex


As part of the Sussex Humanities Lab my focus is on the development and use of computational techniques in social science and humanities research. Previously I led the Language and Language Technology Group (LLTG) at Uni Research in Bergen, and I was scientific co-ordinator of the NFR-funded NTAP project (2012-17) which synthesised corpus linguistics, text analytics, social network analysis and information visualization techniques to analyse climate change discourse in news and social media.

Current projects

CEPOL, Research Council of Norway, 2018-2021 (as sub-contractor). CEPOL is investigating the quantity and quality of bipartisan political communication on Twitter through a mix of automated social media analytics, close reading and surveys.

Curatorial Voice, British Academy Digital Research in the Humanities, 2018-2019 (as Co-I). This project seeks to demonstrate how new knowledge about the curation and the content of image collections can be generated through computer-assisted analysis of curatorial art descriptions.

Research areas

- data-driven text mining, and corpus-based discourse analysis, for social science and humanities research
- local grammar induction
- unsupervised information extraction from the web and social media
- narrative and multimodality
; audiovisual translation; multimedia information retrieval, movie databases

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